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Spanish keyboard layouts

It may be useful for those who wants to learn Spanish, or use Spanish for any other reason - but doesn't necesserily want to install Spanish keyboard on his/her home computer.
It might be also useful for those who wants to use Spanish keyboard layout at his/her office, in public library, or in any other place where one has no control on the installed software. There are two Spanish keyboard layout, which are slightly different: one is so-called Traditional, used in Spain, and Latin American keyboard layout, also called International.

Spanish (Traditional) keyboard layout

This Spanish (standard in Spain) keyboard layout includes characters required for typing the Catalan language: Ç, the grave accent (~) and interpunct (punt volat, used in l·l) at Shift-3. (from Wikipedia)

Spanish (International) keyboard layout

The Spanish (Latin America) keyboard layout is used throughout Central and South America, and does not include Catalan-specific keys used in the Standard Spanish keyboard.
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